Community Oil Consortium

Cheaper oil in Avonwick, North Huish & Diptford

Oil TankThe scheme was started in 2007, when Avonwick/North Huish and Diptford decided to work together to try and get cheaper oil for residents. Steve Hill and Maggie Luscombe felt that combining our efforts would give us better bargaining power and we have come up with a scheme which hopefully will provide us with cheaper oil.

Four years later we now have over 90 members purchasing in excess of 200,000 litres per year.

How do I join?

Simply complete a membership form and pass it to Steve. We will monitor and manage the consortium account on the member's behalf to continually ensure we are getting the best deal available.

If anyone else would like to join please contact Steve Hill (01548) 821272 or click HERE to download a form and email it to STEVE

How will it work?

After looking at various providers and schemes, we decided that Heltor have the simplest and cheapest scheme at the moment. They have bulk purchase agreements with large commercial companies and have offered us a reduction per litre that would be equivalent to ordering 10,000 litres at one time plus a further SPECIAL DISCOUNT. 

When will deliveries be?

This will be on a 2 monthly scheduled top up scheme. They will come around on a regular basis and fill up your tank. They will drop a note through your door telling you how much oil you have had and the price. Due to lack of demand, there is no longer a delivery in July.

Does this mean that they will top up when the price of oil is high? 

No. They will come and fill the tank on an agreed regular basis depending on how much oil you use. We will ask you to fill in a form to indicate your current preference for top-up If you are worried about the oil prices you can ask them to phone you up when they are delivering and check the price of oil on that day.

Does my tank have to be topped up every time? 

During summer months or if you are away for a while you may not need a top up. On the membership form there is an opportunity to say how often you wish your tank to be filled. You can change this at any time by simply phoning them up and ask for a delivery to be postponed, cancelled or altered. Please also keep us informed so we can monitor the system.

How can I pay? 

All financial arrangements are strictly between you and Heltor. They are your supplier and you are their customer. The consortium is in place simply as a vehicle for group savings. When you join the scheme you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. This information will be consolidated and passed to Watson's who will contact you to set up an account, if necessary. You will be a group member, but an individual customer.

  • Monthly Direct Debit - They will agree to take a monthly amount from you depending on how much oil you use. You will be charged half the value of the oil delivery on the first fill and a fixed amount monthly thereafter.
  • Credit Card - If you want to pay per top up, after giving your details to Heltor you can pay over the phone from the following day.

Can I have my boiler serviced from them?

Boiler servicing is not included in the scheme.