Free Map of Avonwick, North Huish and surrounding area

Thanks to thousands of volunteers, the OpenStreetMap project has been gradually mapping the world for free since 2004. The area around North Huish has been mapped in considerable detail. This has allowed a parishioner to create a detailed, free PDF map of Avonwick and North Huish for you to download and print or keep on your phone.

The map shows most of the settlements in the parish (we'd say all - but some might have been missed!), all the footpaths and all the public roads, as well as contours (so you can see how steep the hills really are) and the AONB boundary, plus campsites, fishing spots and interesting features.

The map of North Huish and Avonwick is 1:25,000 when printed full-size on A4 paper; that means that one mile is about 2.5" on the map.

Note that we can't show standard Ordnance Survey grid numbers on this map: but we have overlaid a grid of 1km squares, and square A1 roughly corresponds to SX 69 53.

It was last updated in 2023, to show the new road layout at Kitterford.

Download a free map
of Avonwick and North Huish

If you spot any errors, or you feel that a place should be added, drop us a line and we'll make sure that the OpenStreetMap is updated.