About North Huish Parish Council

North Huish Parish Council is the lowest level of local government for Avonwick, North Huish and the surrounding area. In 2015 there are approx. 188 households and over 470 residents in the parish of North Huish.

The council consists of seven elected Parish Councillors, supported by the Clerk. Elections to the Parish Council normally take place every four years, and the current council were elected in 2023.

PC Website

You can find out about the North Huish Parish Council at northhuishparishcouncil.co.uk.

Visit the PC Website


North Huish Parish Council normally have meetings every first Tuesday of the month at the Avon Vale Tennis and Croquet Club, Avonwick, at 7.30pm (please check the council's website for any change of meeting times). The first part of the meeting is an open session for members of the community within the parish to bring forward ideas, problems, views, issues etc. Please e-mail the clerk (clerk@northhuishparishcouncil.co.uk) with the subject that you wish to bring to the attention of the council well before the meeting so that councillors can assist in addressing items raised or it will be carried over to the next meeting.

The agendas and minutes of council meetings can be found here.

Can't attend the meetings?

If you have concerns and issues or ideas and queries to be raised with the Parish Council and cannot attend the monthly meetings, please feel free to contact the Parish Clerk or a parish councillor. For general enquiries or information, please contact the Parish Clerk, Zoe O'Sullivan: clerk@northhuishparishcouncil.co.uk

You can listen to recordings of meetings on the parish council website.

Councillors' contacts

You can find contacts for each of the parish councillors on the PC website.

About parish councils

Parish councils make all kinds of decisions on issues that affect the local community. Probably the most common topics that parish councils get involved with are planning matters (they are statutory consultees), crime prevention, managing open spaces and campaigning for and delivering better services and facilities. It's true to say that on their own, parish councils have limited powers to make decisions. But they do have the ability to negotiate with, and the power to influence, those other organisations that do make the final decisions (such as the district council, health authorities, police etc). In this respect parish councils are extremely powerful. The organisations that make the final decisions know that a parish council gives the best reflection of how a community feels about something, and its views will be taken seriously.

Parish Councillors are your unpaid representatives. To finance the Parish Council's work, a small levy is made on your Council Tax called a Precept. The level of the precept varies depending on the needs of the parish and the community, and was set at £23.23, per year for a Band D property in North Huish in 2023-2024, the lowest precept for any full parish council in the South Hams.