Avonwick Play Park and Village Hall Land

Avonwick Play Park is situated next to the Tennis Club on Black Hall Lane.

If you require any further information or would like to report any issues or concerns with the play park please contact the North Huish Parish Clerk: clerk@northhuishparishcouncil.co.uk The clerk's full contact details can be found at www.northhuishparishcouncil.co.uk

For further details about the play park please visit the parish council website.

Avonwick Play Park

Village Hall Land

The grass area next to the Play Park is formally the Village Hall Land. This was presented to the parish when Higher Moor was built in order to provide a site for a future community hall.

At the moment the land is held in trust for the village by the Clerk and Chairman of the parish council and maintained by North Huish Parish Council. The land may be borrowed for parish events: contact the Parish Clerk if you wish to hold an event on the land:  clerk@northhuishparishcouncil.co.uk.